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What is Jyotish ? Vedic Astrology
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Jyotish or Vedic astrology is considered the science of heavenly lights and their effects on human life. It offers us guidance on the path of our evolutionary spiral.

Consider it like a life code. It is the language of the Divine, the blue print of our soul. If you know this language, the universe and its celestial energetics will speak with you. It is a way to know about yourself more intimately. Jyotish shines light on the stairway to your innermost self and helps you understand how it really is, not just how others see you or how you imagine you are.

You will learn how the heavenly bodies, the Sun, the Moon the planets actually influence every aspect of our every moment. It is based on thousands of years of archetypal wisdom and a respected tradition throughout India and now more and more in the rest of the world. Jyotish does not transform your life, only your committed, total self can do that. It is not a fix all, however it can show the way based on the light that can be unfolded for you thru a professional consultation, the spiritual prescriptions, the mantras and tantras unveiled and the general esoteric signature of your birth chart re the karmic implications you are responsible for. It can offer direction, support, upliftment and a sense of timing as to what may occur when, and how. You may discover what you are most suited for in terms of utilizing your inherent talents, where geographically you might best prosper, and whom you might meet along the way as teachers, partners, companions and playmates.

We are beings of light and more than the atoms and molecules that make up our bodies and can modulate our fundamental process by intentionality, alignment to the subtle forces of cosmic vibrationNothing is more amazing than the fact that we exist and have spiritual origins. Our body emits light and thru the ancient science of Jyotish we have a way of increasing the light by adhering to the dharma, the yamas and niyamas, the foundation of yoga. The sacred Upanishads repeatedly says "Where that divine light shines in its glory, there the Sun does not shine, nor the moon or the stars, nor the fire. One, who sees that divine light, also sees it as pervading and activating the entire universe. There is nothing in this material universe that does not owe its energy to this divine light. The Sun in its glowing brilliance unceasingly, helping us. The Sun as pervaded by the Supreme Power, the best meter of the magnificence of the God. The Sun shine reveals the divine truth that is, however, beyond the substance Sun Vedic astrology  teaches us:

yam labdhva chaparam labham
manyate nadhikam tatah
yasmin sthito na duhkhena
gurunapi vichalyate

[Bhagavad Gita Chapter 6 verse 22]

Meaning: Once one has perceived that Truth, then established in it, he/she does not see any other thing as a superior gain than that, and thus established in that truth, he/she remains calm, even when faced by the heaviest of sorrows. That is why Veda says "Jyotish vedanaam chakshu".  Jyotish is considered the eyes of the Vedas . And thru our renewed and deepened seeing we may discover spiritual love that enables us to embrace all our karmas with respectful understanding of cause and effect and alter our choreography to achieve long lasting peace in the dharma living from a liberated consciousness.


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