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Vedic Numerology Foundation course

The Gate - Begin

This weekend will provide a comprehensive foundation for understanding the play and inter-relationship between the 9 planets and their vibrational influence on our entire existence. We will cover the :

  • history
  • mythology
  • sutras
  • slokas

related to the planetary agents in the form of the 9 numbers.

We will befriend their unique vibrations. Learning their attributes, inner natures and inherent potentials. Find how they affect our personalities and govern every thought, breath and deed. This will be a fun and illuminating exercise. Vedic numerology is primarily a self help tool to observe ones desires, motivations and personality traits in choices like environment, food, sex, partnerships, career and spiritual inclinations. Practicing numerology is insightful, entertaining and deepens ones awareness of the macrocosm reflecting through the microcosm and vice versa. This foundation weekend is essential to understand the nature of these energies, their strength and weaknesses and how to best husband and refine our karmic inheritance. Our study focus will be on the birthday of each participant, and the cycle of the year we are collectively dealing with, and what is most likely to occur. The intermediate and advanced courses are separate weekends building upon this examined and integrated foundation and its practice in ones daily life.

Vedic Numerology Intermediate course

The Seat - Intermediate

This weekend will give us the divinatory tools to work with the entire birth data of an individual participant as well as the compatibility of planetary relationships. The intermediate level is a way to gain deeper insight as to how your birth data, day, month and year, reveal your entire karmic history and destiny. We will also work with the soul expression number and the name number, and how and why it is sometimes useful to change ones name. The chanting of the appropriate remedial mantras and the ayurvedic upayas constitute another aspect of the intermediate level. The foundation course is absolutely necessary as the contextual richness of building these modules demand a clear mind and a fertile brain that can allow for these occult possibilities. The student will become more intuitive and more familiar with the deities and the recommended pujas for each one of the planetary agents. Remedial gemstones, as per Harish Johari's book are also discussed so they may be incorporated in achieving personal empowerment. Here we follow ancient traditional prescriptions, which, if applied correctly and reverently, may produce astounding healing results. The required sanctity can be imparted by receiving and implementing an appropriate mantra, an accurately sized gemstone and overall tried and true information.

Vedic Numerology Advanced course

The Path - Advanced

This weekend provides a summary of all facets learned to date, as well as concentrates on the daily cycle, and the yearly karmic cycle. Here we will examine the planetary agents pointing us to when you might move, get a new job, marry, conceive a child, or have a period of bad luck, divorce, loss, death, and all else that the human psyche resists. The main focus will be an in-depth examination of the relationship and characteristics of the numerological data, how the planetary friends and enemies relate, and what specific attributes they display. We will cover the numbers of exaltation, and the peak years, as well as the karmic retributions and the suggested upayas to overcome those obstacles presented by the mind mesh. Body chemistry and ayurvedic specifics relating to the odd and even numbers re acid or alkaline constitution will be given attention. A variety of charts and handouts will support the rich tapestry of completing the three levels of the vedic numerology education. Subsequently one feels inspired and motivated to open oneself fully to the precise workings of the universe at large and become a heartful co-creator/creatrix in the cosmic leela.


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Vedic Numerology Classes : the Gate (Begin) - the Seat (intermediate) - the Path (advanced)
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