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Vedic Numerology Reading
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Ancient Oracular Consultation
"A Fear Of Knowing Is A Fear Of Doing"

A Vedic Numerology Reading - as in "speaking the unspeakable" - is a personalized consultation for people in transition. It is a powerful and shape-shifting process offered to those who seek a deepening in the understanding of their lives. It provides fresh insight, support and direction. My work appeals best to those who see life as a spiritual journey, as I believe that we are here to work, study, enjoy life and to serve God. Self discovery through a Vedic Numerology Reading is a highly charged, kaleidoscopic view into the unseen forces and systems governing the evolution of the soul.

Much of what I offer is synthesized into a form of guidance, intimately and directly revealing you to yourself. This insight is related to you verbally on a 75-90 minute cassette tape. I am aided by the numbers in your birth data and a current photo, through meditation and attunement to channeled inner visions. The visions unveil Truth communicated as compassionate and empowering information. Drawing on ancient symbols, I share an intuitive path, opening you to a refreshing realism within the mystical arts, helping you develop a greater personal awareness. Your own life's journey can thereby be richly enhanced by allowing new perspectives to be incorporated as you face Truth and it pulls you toward healing and wholing. I open myself fully to the unique landscape your data and photographic image reveal to me. I journey with these as an alchemist and transition consultant to assist you in your life-script translation, giving voice to new patterns of purpose. I cover your Life Path, including strengths and weaknesses, highly auspicious periods as well as times to be more cautious. Relationships, careers and vocations, spiritual and karmic cycles as they avail themselves to me, and health concerns are addressed.

You may ask about particular issues for specific decades to come. After years of searching and suffering, I consider it a privilege to communicate some of what I have learned from the multiple levels of planetary influences, meditation and earth renewal. I feel an urgent calling from the infinite cosmos for each of us to be the very best we can be. Truth knows no boundaries. May it serve you well in rekindling your memory that God is Truth, Truth is Light, Light is Life.

My readings grow from courage to enter the darkness, bringing the magic of self-restoration to light and living in harmony with all of creation within the abundance of conscious continuity. Having lived in nine and traveled in thirty-seven countries has allowed me to absorb and integrate the methods, myths and magic of many cultures.

Participating ongoingly in various mystery schools of yantra, tantra, Oriental and Occidental, with scholars, shamans and spirits, I have discovered the Self and have been quietly empowered by its tumultuous, challenging process of individualization, a coming into honesty and humor. The emergence of an ability to align my insights, reliably and spontaneously with the needs of others is a blessed tool. It seems natural to share what I have discovered in my journey for Truth.

To Obtain a Vedic Numerology Reading:

Please provide your full name (current as well as at birth), place and time of birth, as well as any specific questions you wish me to address. A recent photo is also appreciated and will be returned in its original condition. The consultation is available in person or via Skype. The sound file of your reading will be transmitted electronically at no extra charge within 24 hrs of the consultation. KINDLY INDICATE your preference at the time of ordering the reading if it is Skype or an in person appointment you are requesting.


Price: CAD $ 260.

Christina Richã Devi

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Vedic Numerology Classes : the Gate (Begin) - the Seat (intermediate) - the Path (advanced)
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